Talking Bible, Ephesians

【免費教育App】Talking Bible, Ephesians-APP點子

• Easy to read and share God’s Word

• Advanced and friendly interface to make reading God’s Word fun and interesting

【免費教育App】Talking Bible, Ephesians-APP點子

• Read in a number of languages

• Single click to move from verse to verse, or chapter to chapter

【免費教育App】Talking Bible, Ephesians-APP點子

• Easy Page Turner to navigate to any verses with ease

• Bookmark function to remember your cherished verses

Talking Bible, Ephesians is a fabulous and innovative tool to study and share God’s Word. Talking Bible series made reading Bible a fun and interesting adventure.

Taking Bible series is an innovative application with many effective functions and user-friendly features. It can read the Bible in a number of languages.

With a simple touch, you can navigate instantly from verse to verse, or from chapter to chapter. With one click bookmark function, you can easily remember your cherished verse and return to the verse whenever you prefer.

【免費教育App】Talking Bible, Ephesians-APP點子

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