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This is a single or multiplayer educational game that test your ability to find U.S. states and their capitals. In single player mode, read the question and tap the appropriate state. In Bluetooth mode, connect with another player who has this app and play against each other.



A bluetooth adapter is required on your phone

More detailed instructions can be found at www.yellowlabllc.com

【免費解謎App】Tap The Caps-APP點子

Touch white space on the map to clear the bubbles

Pinch the map out to zoom in

Rhode Island and Delaware are very tough to touch but it can be done

For Bluetooth pairing, click the app menu and make your device discoverable. The second device can scan for the discoverable device and then connect. Once you have connected to a device the games begins.

【免費解謎App】Tap The Caps-APP點子

This app enables educators to teach the US states and their capitals

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