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BUY NO GAME --- UNTIL YOU'VE SEEN THIS SENSATION OF THE ZOMBIE SHOW"LAST FRIDAY...WAS I SCARED!---MY BOSS ALMOST FIRED ME!" Tap Zombie Game. Now in HD!No one knows how it started. But when the dead rose, they quickly became the dominant species. Undead feet, the sound of moaning “They were without the ability to feel pain or fear, robbing us of the advantage. Soon, society itself had fallen, leaving only small pockets of humanity to fight bravely against the growing hordes... But those too began to fall. You have only one desire and only one need, to feed. Humanity has been vanquished, and the undead now roam unchecked across the earth. In time, you and those like you will decay and also cease to exist. Congratulations, you’ve extinguished all human life on the planet. Play again. Tap and smash zombies before they takeover in the wake of a killer nuclear plant. Smash/Tap THREE times on Uncle Ted's zombie brains, the blue coat zombie. FEATURES ✓ Hours of fun exciting zombie gaming ✓ High Score center for leader boards ✓ Beautifully illustrated artwork ✓ Exciting tap gameplay taken to a new level ✓ Fast, fun and challenging game score ✓ Fun and classical music ✓ Smooth and polished gameplay ✓ Use your throne for a time out ✓ You can play for one minute or much longer Thanks for playing! ★ Tweet us: http://twitter.com/AgalagGames ★ Watch us: http://youtube.com/AgalagGames ★ Visit us: http://Agalag.com ★ Follow us: http://facebook.com/pages/Agalag

【免費遊戲App】Tap Zombie HD-APP點子

【免費遊戲App】Tap Zombie HD-APP點子

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