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【免費生活App】Tarots Fortune-APP點子

Version 1.3

Are you ready for a mystical journey into the world of Tarot? I have designed this new deck based on earlier traditional card designs; studying the meaning of the symbols on each card and making sure I didn't leave anything out symbol wise. The four elements of Water, Earth, Fire and Air are represented by the four suits in color and symbolically by animals and objects. I took liberty to design a couple of cards slightly different such as the Judgement card and Strength card, also a couple of cards were not changed much from older decks such as Temperance and The Hanged Man; overall the deck represents the original traditional symbols you will find in the early more ancient designs. I made these cards somewhat simple so as to make them more available to all age groups as much as possible; I first drew these by hand then finished coloring them on computer. I hope you like my designs and welcome any suggestions by qualified Tarot professionals as to the graphic symbolic meaning of the major and minor arcana. Sounds are also associated with the suits and The Moon card, I will probably change these in future versions as I am still working on this aspect. Now discover what's in your possible future using Tarots Fortune cards.

Features of Free Version:

* Easy three button screen for navigation(new reading, menu, interpretation). Touch Screen only.

* Designed for 340x480, 480x800 screen sizes.

【免費生活App】Tarots Fortune-APP點子

(Will work on larger screens but graphics will be smaller on screen);(not for tablets yet)

* 5 card specific question spread.

* 10 card Celtic Cross spread.

【免費生活App】Tarots Fortune-APP點子

* 15 card spread.

* Create custom spreads from one to twelve. example:(card of the day).

* Interpretation of spread and reversed meaning of cards provided.

【免費生活App】Tarots Fortune-APP點子

* Learn how to interpret the tarot and develop your own spreads.

* Original 78 card deck based on traditional cards; with hidden symbols and meaning remaining.

* Requires internet permission for access to Extras and Advertising only (Ad button).

* Paid version will not have Ads and more extras.

* Designed for entertainment only - interpretation is ultimately up to you based on cards

【免費生活App】Tarots Fortune-APP點子

and meaning you give to them. The future is not set in stone and cards

may show how you can change events.

* 78 card deck and covers were hand designed and colorized using computer.

* Art design by Sean Robinson

If you have ideas for adding more features please visit my

【免費生活App】Tarots Fortune-APP點子

web site and send them to me and I will try to add them.

Please report non installs through e-mail xrobins@gmail before giving stars if you have one....ratings should be given for working apps in my view.

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