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Wishing to always be competitive and respond promptly to your needs, we have created a Unique Service in Romania. It’s not just a regular taxi transportation service, so you’ll have no unpleasant surprises or lack of seriousness. It’s a transportation service that shall provide for you quality, timeliness, reliability, safety, comfort, all along with an affordable price. And because Romania has its rules, the driver shall take care that you have the perfect, calm holiday or business trip. He will also help you with advice, or will guide you to the best Services, whether you want to visit a place, to get a certain accommodation, to go to a casino, a club or a restaurant.

With this app you can:

【免費商業App】Taxi Bucharest-APP點子

- order a taxi for airport transfers in Bucharest

【免費商業App】Taxi Bucharest-APP點子

- consult the trips and services available through Taxi Bucuresti

【免費商業App】Taxi Bucharest-APP點子

- order a trip with a limousine to several great locations in Romania

- contact Taxi Bucuresti by phone or contact form

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