TaxiFair Light

【免費旅遊App】TaxiFair Light-APP點子

The described functionality is available for the paid full version. The free version, TaxiFairLight, only supports Taxi Plan – Fare Prediction Operation.

【免費旅遊App】TaxiFair Light-APP點子

【免費旅遊App】TaxiFair Light-APP點子

Taxi Fare … or Taxi Fair? The taxi fare you are paying should be fair. But this is not always the case. So, don’t be taken for a ride! Use TaxiFair. The app that pays for itself from the first time you need it! With tariffs in cities around the world and more being added every week, TaxiFair provides you with a real-time taximeter mode, using the published catalog and tariffs for the selected city or country! With an accuracy of over 97% in the estimation of the amount payable, during field tests! TaxiFair also provides a prediction mode, where using the same tariffs and calculation algorithm, you can preview the expected price to be paid for a specific A-to-B route, before you actually board the taxi! Also adjusted for the time of day and even figuring in the traffic (Bing map data should be available for the selected region)! TaxiFair gives you the opportunity to plan your taxi rides in advance, when you are visiting a foreign country. It provides a real-time updated map with your trip, so that you know you are being taken the right way. It provides a history of your trips and even a safe place to upload them in the cloud, so that you don’t use valuable local space. If you upload routes, then you can also access statistics for the specific area, both yours and those of other users in the area. Data are collected anonymously and can only be accessed through your mobile device. Finally phone numbers and e-mails can be immediately accessed, where available, from within the app, so that your complaint or dispute can be registered with the relevant authority or organization. Data can be saved, so that a complete track of your trip can be available. TaxiFair! The app that pays for itself from the first time you need it! Don’t be taken for a ride! Use TaxiFair!

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