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Completely ad-free and NO in-app purchases!Designed with Emergency Teachers in mind but an asset to all educators...Teacher Rescue provides teachers with comprehensive lesson plans in a flash. An intuitive and simple user interface allows easy access to an ever-growing set of plans across a wide range of grades and subjects. Written by teachers, for teachers, lessons require little to no preparation to have you up and going quickly.Teacher Rescue currently contains well over 100 lesson plans with more being added all the time.Grades: Kinder-6Subjects: Reading, Writing, Numeracy, Art, Drama, Sport/Outdoor Games, Indoor Games, Music, Keep-Busy Activities and Behavioral Management Strategies * * *WHAT ARE USERS SAYING ABOUT TEACHER RESCUE?"It is the greatest app EVER! Especially when the classroom teacher doesn't leave enough stuff or if the kids are unsettled! I have learnt some awesome games from this app that have been great used as positive reinforcement especially "the bomb"!A bunch of activities that you can sort by grade and subject and most require very few resources!!"Lizzie, 'Relief Teacher Ideas' Facebook Group"The app is fantastic! Great ideas, really intuitive design. I love it, and it comes in handy as a classroom teacher or a CRT especially"-Emilie, Primary School Teacher"This would come in very handy when I get called into a classroom to cover for a teacher who is stuck in an IEP that goes longer than anticipated. It would probably also be great for filling in extra time at the end of a speech session if the planned activity takes less time than expected (or you have to throw it out the window entirely because it just isn’t working for some reason)." Shannon, 'Teachers with Apps' Reader"Personally, I think this app would come in handy for me not only as a speech therapist looking for some new ideas for rhyming, but also when I put on some of my other hats like summer bible school activities volunteer or religious education classroom instructor. "-Nanette, 'Teachers with Apps' Reviewer"Teacher Rescue is more expensive (than the Class Break app) but much better!!"Denise, 'Relief Teacher Ideas' Facebook Group FounderBenefits of Teacher RescueNO lengthy preparation (0-2 mins set up for most lessons)NO materials that aren't found in every classroom!NO worksheets, so nothing to photocopy!NO internet access needed!Great for:Emergency/Relief/Casual/Supply TeachersClassroom TeachersSpecialist TeachersGraduatesStudent TeachersHome-school TeachersParentsPlus BEHAVIOURAL MANAGEMENT strategies to help you run a happy, productive class.

【免費教育App】Teacher Rescue-APP點子

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