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Color lovers: get excited! Color-themed wallpapers are here – and this one is all about teal!

If teal is your favorite color, or the color that fits your mood today, you’ve found the right app! Teal and its color cousins turquoise and aquamarine are combinations of green and blue that mix together to create stunning shades of bright, fun color. Teal is a versatile color; earthy but modern! Its earthiness comes from similarity to the turquoise found in natural stones or the bright clarity of sparkling tropical ocean waters near the beach. Modern fashion, decoration and design have taken these shades and made them popular mainstays of our colorful culture!

【免費生活App】Teal Wallpapers-APP點子

The teal wallpapers in this app may be monochromatic, but they are far from boring! These wallpapers feature various textures, patterns and prints that are visually stimulating without being distracting – making them the perfect background for your device!

Find beautiful patterned teal wallpapers that will add the perfect splash of color to your background!

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