TeleNotifier-Tlgrm Alerts (SW)

【免費通訊App】TeleNotifier-Tlgrm Alerts (SW)-APP點子

With TNOTIFIER you will see from your SmartWatch all Telegram messages you receive on your mobile phone in real time.

It’s very easy! Just install this application on your smartphone and follow these steps:

- Go to your phone settings

【免費通訊App】TeleNotifier-Tlgrm Alerts (SW)-APP點子

- Enter the Accessibility panel

- Then select the option "TNotifier"

【免費通訊App】TeleNotifier-Tlgrm Alerts (SW)-APP點子

- Enables access, and ready! You can start enjoying Telegram notifications on your SmartWatch.

********* Android 4.3+ *********

If your smartphone has Android 4.3 or above, apart from being able to activate TNotifier from the Accessibility panel, you can also do it from the Security panel, option that we recommend you in order to avoid possible incompatibility problems with some devices:

-Go to your phone settings

【免費通訊App】TeleNotifier-Tlgrm Alerts (SW)-APP點子

-Enter the Security panel

-Then, select the option "Notification Access"

【免費通訊App】TeleNotifier-Tlgrm Alerts (SW)-APP點子

-Enable access, and you are done! You can start enjoying TNotifier


【免費通訊App】TeleNotifier-Tlgrm Alerts (SW)-APP點子

************** INFORMATION *************

You can be informed from your Sony SmartWatch what Telegram contact or group you are receiving messages from, and what messages they sent you. This application is very useful in case you are in a meeting, in the car or in other situations where you are not allowed to take your smartphone to be informed of your Telegram notifications. With TNotifier you will be real-time informed!

Its use is very simple and intuitive, and apart from reading the messages, you can also delete the ones that you have already read (the one you are reading at the moment or even the whole list), and open the Telegram application on your mobile from the SmartWatch .You need to know that even if you delete from the SmartWatch one or more messages, they just no longer appear as notifications on the clock, appearing as " unread " Telegram messages on your phone.

************** IMPORTANT****************

In some cases the voice of the phone can be activated. This is due to a problem with the phone that may hinder the use of the application, as it is a known bug in some devices. To resolve it try disabling Google Text -to -speech and Samsung TTS in Applications Manager.

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【免費通訊App】TeleNotifier-Tlgrm Alerts (SW)-APP點子

LiveWare extension for SmartWatch 2

【免費通訊App】TeleNotifier-Tlgrm Alerts (SW)-APP點子

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