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Classed as "New and Noteworthy" by Apple!Do telesales calls annoy you?You need Telesales Annoyer! Get your own back on those persistent nuisances so they never want to annoy you again, by annoying them! Next time telesales call you, activate Telesales Annoyer with one simple button and annoy them rather than them annoying you! It's that simple and IT WORKS!The app is hilarious! It will have you laughing a lot as you annoy those pesky telesales people!People that bought this app said: "laughed so much, my favorites were 'Crime Lab' & 'Transfer Abroad' - excellent work!" - Nick"just downloaded Telesales Annoyer - best 99c I've spent in a while! Hilarious!" - RickiTelesales Annoyer, the perfect app to annoy the annoying!

【免費工具App】Telesales Annoyer-APP點子

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