TellYourLocation can share your current location over the web with others. You can send your location to frends by mail, so they can see your dynamic location every time they open that web page.


This App stores your locations on the web with assistance of a service. You can delete all your locations whenever you want directly from your phone. It is not needed to login to the service to run this application.


After you have started the app on your phone it is possible to send a link to your friends which has an ID or an alias name inside. With this link they can see your location you have send by button or by the backgroundservice. Your name must not be shown over the web.


If you want you can passwortprotect your locationpage directly from phone, so nobody as autorized users can see your location.


You can activate a backgroundservice, which is updating your position dynamically. The service can also check you automatically in on known facebook-places.


If you are using the notification setting, you will be notified if somebody wants to know your location. In this case you can send a fresh location to the web, or if you run as Background app, the application itselfe can do that for you. To use this feature you have to enable "push notification".

This application can also mark locaions by tags and can send it to facebook or others.

If the browser of your friends can send it's own position the caller can also see it's own position in the map.

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