Tenali Ramalinga Tales

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Tenali Ramalinga Stories The Vijaya Nagar Empire has a prominent place in the pre-independence period of the Indian sub-continent. Sri Krishna Deva Rayalu, among the rulers of the Vijaya Nagar Kingdom, has transformed his regime into a Golden Era for the history books.

Tales Include :

1. Introduction to Tenali Ramalinga Kavi - Tenali Ramalinga.

【免費漫畫App】Tenali Ramalinga Tales-APP點子

2. Birth And Education of Tenali Ramalinga.

3. Ramalinga’s Entry Into Bhuvana Vijayam.

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4. Mahabharat and Delhi Sultan’s wish.

5. Thousand Gold Coins and a Handful Grain.

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6. The Last Wish - Mango Fruit.

7. The Secret of Weaving Invisible Fabric.

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8. Tenali Ramalingam And the Two Thieves.

9. Ramalinga Dares to Criticize Rayalu's Composition.

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10. Ramalinga Humiliates Rama Raja Bhushana.

11. The Weird Wells' Wedding Invitation.

【免費漫畫App】Tenali Ramalinga Tales-APP點子

12. How an Elephants' fleet junks in a mosquito's throat.

13. Ramalinaga and Ramayana Recital.

【免費漫畫App】Tenali Ramalinga Tales-APP點子

14. Ramalinga Wins the War Before Drawing Swords!

15. Ramalinga Attempts to Turn a Dog Into a Cow!!!

【免費漫畫App】Tenali Ramalinga Tales-APP點子

16. Ramalinga's Prostrate Adoration to Donkeys.

17. Thathacharya – Demon Chanting Hymns.

All are very interesting and very short stories .............. one can share these stories to other and make them laugh or fool them by asking questions.

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