Test Your English Vocabulary

【免費教育App】Test Your English Vocabulary-APP點子

Do you want to test and improve your English vocabulary?

Are you preparing for TOEIC, TOEFL, GMAT, SAT, GRE, MCAT, PCAT or ASVAB exam?

If you want to score high, you need an extensive vocabulary. The dictionary in this app includes:

【免費教育App】Test Your English Vocabulary-APP點子

TOEIC (3420 words)

TOEFL (600 words)

【免費教育App】Test Your English Vocabulary-APP點子

GMAT (1400 words)

SAT (5000 words)

GRE (3750 words)

【免費教育App】Test Your English Vocabulary-APP點子

MCAT (1230 words)

PCAT (1190 words)

【免費教育App】Test Your English Vocabulary-APP點子

ASVAB (300 words)

For each word you will find a correct pronunciation (via your Android device) and translation to your mother language (via Google Translate - requires an internet connection, but only a little data).

This application will help you learn essential vocabulary. You can test and improve your knowledge in two ways: You can either match words with their meanings or meanings with their words. Every test contains 10 questions and each question has 4 answer options. You have to select the correct answer. In the end of each test you can check your answers.

【免費教育App】Test Your English Vocabulary-APP點子


During your study you can relax and still stay in touch with English language. Play some word games, like Anagram, CodeWord, Millionaire, Puzzle or Stop Word.

【免費教育App】Test Your English Vocabulary-APP點子

Good luck!

Martin K.

【免費教育App】Test Your English Vocabulary-APP點子

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