Text Aloud - Hands Free

【免費通訊App】Text Aloud - Hands Free-APP點子

Text Aloud - Hands Free (Formerly Speak Drive Text)

The ultimate hands free texting utility for driving.

Have your incoming text messages read out to you and reply, call or compose messages, hands free. This is the gold standard of hands free texting! This is your My Motospeak replacement. Our goal is to promote safe driving so you can safely text and drive.

COMPOSE / CALL / REPLY and SEND text messages (SMS text) by using voice commands. Have your text messages read aloud (but only when you tell them to with a voice command). When replying or composing text messages (SMS text) you will have the ability to hear a preview and confirm your text before saying Send Text...all hands-free! Never have your incoming text messages read aloud in a meeting with Speak Drive Text since it will wait for you to tell it to read the text out loud. Of course, there is a setting that will allow this if you choose.

HOTWORD DETECTION FEATURE (English Only): Command your phone to wake up and send texts to someone, or call! Simply say the hotword and Text Aloud launches. This works like "OK, Google" only our feature works while the screen is off. Very minimal battery drain as well! Give it a try.

This is simply the best and most unique text message reader on the market today!

Speak Drive Text also works great with MOST Bluetooth devices.

Example: you get an incoming text message (SMS text), you then provide the correct voice command ("Read Message") and the app will read the text message aloud. If no voice command is given then nothing is read. Once the text message (SMS) is read, you then have the opportunity to voice your reply or even call the sender, all while being completely HANDS-FREE! Have your phone talk to you like Jarvis from Ironman. This app allows you to have full text message conversations while being hands free and eyes free.

There is also an auto-reply functionality. Turn on the predefined auto replies or even customize your own auto reply for when you can't be bothered.

"Can't say enough about the EXCELLENT product and the outstanding SUPPORT. Thanks Speak-Drive-Text Team...Good job" - George

"The best so far...Still trying this app, but it is already working better then My Moto Speak." - Geoffrey

"One Of The Best App On Play :) This is the only app that doesn't require me to ever touch the phone. Other speaking apps like drive safely make you touch the screen when it doesn't recognize what you said. Speak Text is so much better. Amazing product and so simple!" - Shawn

Watch our app review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbHXtncPmPs&feature=youtu.be


【免費通訊App】Text Aloud - Hands Free-APP點子

- Compose text message or call contact via Bluetooth button click or microphone click.

- Speak the voice command to get an audible output of the text message, otherwise nothing is read

【免費通訊App】Text Aloud - Hands Free-APP點子

- Reply hands-free with a preview of your message and the ability to send as well as call the contact back

- Seamless Bluetooth functionality allowing the user to text and drive

【免費通訊App】Text Aloud - Hands Free-APP點子

- Extremely battery efficient since the app is not running in the background and is only launched when a sms (text message) is received.

- Auto-reply feature with customized messages

【免費通訊App】Text Aloud - Hands Free-APP點子

- Auto-read messages

- Change voice commands

【免費通訊App】Text Aloud - Hands Free-APP點子

- Bluetooth options

- Shortcut to TTS settings

【免費通訊App】Text Aloud - Hands Free-APP點子

- Different activation options - for example) only activate when connected to Bluetooth, or headphones, etc.

Uses Google TTS (Text To Speech) by default, but also supports other language/voice packs



If you have any other problems with the app please email the head developer at mpmatt0@gmail.com. We are constantly checking emails and will get back to you promptly. Speak Drive Text has worked on thousands of devices so if yours isn't working then it's most likely a 3rd party app that is interfering. Please email us and we will help you troubleshoot and please refrain from giving a negative review until we have tried to help you.

【免費通訊App】Text Aloud - Hands Free-APP點子

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