Text Hold'em

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Text Hold’em

Promoting Safe Text

Finally, an app to stop you from sending drunk texts.

Looking at your phone after a night of drinking to see what texts you sent the night before, and who got them, is never a good feeling. Text Hold’em is designed to save you the embarrassment and avoid the trouble you’ll find by sending “drunk texts.”

Using Text Hold’em, users easily mark contacts in their phones as either Angels, or Devils. Then, during specific times of the day, when you’re most likely at happy hour or out for a night on the town, texts that are sent using Text Hold’em to devil contacts will automatically be held for a set amount of time. Once that time has passed, you can then go back in and approve the message to send.

Use Text Hold’em to avoid sending drunk texts to:

• Your Boss

• The Ex

• Co-Workers

• Family members

【免費社交App】Text Hold'em-APP點子

• Classmates

• Your Spouse

Avoid the awkward feeling the next morning of having to check what you sent and deal with the dreaded consequences.

Features of the App:

• Mark contacts as angels or devils

• Hide devil contacts from your address book

• Set-up the hours of the day when you’ll most likely be out partying

• Find local cab companies using the app’s “Call me a Cab” feature

How it Works:

【免費社交App】Text Hold'em-APP點子

After downloading the app, users go through their address book and mark contacts as “Angels,” which they can freely text with no delays, or “Devils,” where texts are held before being sent.

Set the times when you’re most likely out partying. Happy Hour after work, drinks on a Saturday night, Sunday Funday.

When you go through the app to send texts, any text that is sent to a contact marked as a Devil will be held by a specified time (which users can adjust). After that time, you can go in and confirm that you do indeed want the message to be sent.

Text Hold’em promotes safe texting, and hopes to keep people from getting in trouble with their significant others, spouses, bosses, and friends through texts they send after a few too many vodka drinks.

While this app will help you avoid sending drunk texts when used responsibly, it can’t stop you from calling them or replying to their texts directly through the phone’s default texting application.

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