Text Protector

【免費工具App】Text Protector-APP點子

Safely store the secret text data.

You can protect passwords or favorite URLs.

★Resource on network(http:// and https://)

★can be used. only for read.

★(Then, add INTERNET permission)

***How to use***


- Tap [Setting] button.

- Set data file dir.

- Choose protect secret text area or not.

- Tap [back] key, then setting will apply.

Create file

- Tap [New] button to make secret file.

Also can use network resource

(http://… or https://…) only for read.

- Input file name and Tap [Create] button.

Load and Edit and Save file

- Choose the file for decrypt on top of display.

- Input Password (Do not forget the password!).

- Tap [Load] button, will shown decrypted text.

【免費工具App】Text Protector-APP點子

- Edit data for encrypt.

- Tap [Save] button.

Delete file

- Choose target file on top of display.

- Tap [Delete] button.

Share text by intent and Copy to Clipboard

- Tap [Share] button, edited text will shared.

- Tap [Copy To Clipboard] button.

Use resource on web

Locate encrypted file to place which can access via http.

And input the URL as filename.

(ex) use file on dropbox

- make encrypted file by this appli.

- copy to dropbox.

- On PC, right click the file→dropbox→share link

On web page, click copy link button

right click download button

input this URL to this appli, input password

click Load button, then you can find secret text.

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