Text Secretary - Auto SMS

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Text Secretary - Your personal SMS assistant.

Introducing Safe Driving!

【免費通訊App】Text Secretary - Auto SMS-APP點子

When Driving Detection is enabled, Text Secretary will auto-respond to texts and missed phone calls while you are driving! This detection is done automatically in the background with virtually no impact to your battery life because it leverages Google's location services.

Auto Reply

【免費通訊App】Text Secretary - Auto SMS-APP點子

When activated, Text Secretary will automatically reply to incoming SMS text messages and / or calls with a custom message. Settings are available to only respond to texts, missed calls from a mobile number in your contacts, all missed calls, or different combinations of those options.

Calendar Integration

【免費通訊App】Text Secretary - Auto SMS-APP點子

With Calendar Integration set to ON, Text Secretary will auto respond to incoming SMS text messages or calls ONLY when you are in a calendar event! Text Secretary will sync with ALL of your calendars to check if you are in an event. If the event is marked as BUSY (on by default for Google Calendar) Text Secretary will auto respond with a custom message.

Calendar Integration Tags

【免費通訊App】Text Secretary - Auto SMS-APP點子

Text Secretary allows you to put calendar specific tags into their custom message. For example, if the tag [name] is placed in the custom message, the name of the event you are in will be put in the place of [name] in your custom response. Similarly, the custom tag [end] will be replaced by the end time of the event. Look at HELP in the app to see an example.

Do Not Disturb

【免費通訊App】Text Secretary - Auto SMS-APP點子

This setting allows you to completely silence your device for the duration of calendar events marked as "busy" while Calendar Integration is enabled. Likewise, your device will also be silenced while you are driving if Driving Detection is enabled.

Single Response

【免費通訊App】Text Secretary - Auto SMS-APP點子

Text Secretary’s Single Response capability is used to prevent auto responding too quickly to the same contact. In other words, when Text Secretary auto responds to a contact, Text Secretary will not auto respond to that same contact for a certain amount of time. Look at HELP in the app to see an example.


【免費通訊App】Text Secretary - Auto SMS-APP點子

Quickly toggle Text Secretary's service ON or OFF from the home screen without ever opening the app!


【免費通訊App】Text Secretary - Auto SMS-APP點子

Full functionality will always be available. A signature will be appended to each auto-reply if you are not within the 30 day trial and have not purchased the Full Version. You can purchase the Full Version at the bottom of the settings page to remove the appended signature.

【免費通訊App】Text Secretary - Auto SMS-APP點子

Let us know of any issues or recommendations!

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