The Alphabet and Numbers Kids

【免費教育App】The Alphabet and Numbers Kids-APP點子

Learn numbers and the alphabet, for kids so easier for parents, give guidance early on, make children smarter recognize numbers and alphabets,

accompanied by music and sound so that children are more adaptable and learn more quickly, aided by drawing alphabet and number so that parents can make the child learn while playing with the drawing number and alphabet , learning alphabet

get abc alphabet songs, learn for baby alphabet

The following possible features available in this application

【免費教育App】The Alphabet and Numbers Kids-APP點子

1 Learning to Identify and pronounce the alphabet

2 Learn to recognize and say the number

3 Learn to Draw or write the alphabet

4 Learn to draw or write the number

【免費教育App】The Alphabet and Numbers Kids-APP點子

5. guided by voices

and much more

this it's very simple alphabet writing app, and next we will publish apps alphabet zoo for kids

very fun education for kids alphabet and number game, with sound free

【免費教育App】The Alphabet and Numbers Kids-APP點子

possible for parents who are guiding the children to learn to write and read this application very helpful,

if have any questions please contact us



【免費教育App】The Alphabet and Numbers Kids-APP點子

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【免費教育App】The Alphabet and Numbers Kids-APP點子

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免費玩The Alphabet and Numbers Kids App

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