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【免費商業App】The Ambrosia Bakery-APP點子

The Ambrosia Bakery App lets you stay connected with the Bakery you know and love! With this app you can make an order, get great tips on your approaching wedding, find out how much you owe as a tip with our tip calculator, get directions to our location, earn coupons, make special requests and much more. We hope to see you soon and hope you get the most out of The Ambrosia Bakery's mobile app!

Some of the things you can do with our app include:

- Make an order right from the app.

- Get advice on what you should prepare for wedding.

- Find out how much tip you should give with our free tip calculator.

- Make a special request or order by sending us a voice message.

- Get one touch access to contact us, email us, view our website and get directions to our location.

【免費商業App】The Ambrosia Bakery-APP點子

- Earn coupons for doing business with us.

- Stay connected with those who also love of The Ambrosia Bakery with our fan wall.

- Stay connected with The Ambrosia Bakery through Social Networking.

- Find out what locations we recommend nearby for wedding preparation including: Florists, Photographers, Reception Halls and more.

- Use the built-in QR Scanner for QR Codes.

【免費商業App】The Ambrosia Bakery-APP點子

- Our app is completely free and has no advertisements.

Download The Ambrosia Bakery App and discover all of these and many other features!

【免費商業App】The Ambrosia Bakery-APP點子

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免費玩The Ambrosia Bakery App

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