The Anagrammer

【免費解謎App】The Anagrammer-APP點子

**This is the full version with more then 50000 words and NO ads (if you want to try the game there is a lite version on the market)**

Enjoy solving anagrams of nouns,verbs,adjectives.

The game has infinite levels, let's see how far you can get.(Faster you are, more points you get).

The rules are easy:

- For each level an anagram needs to be solved

- There is only one right word for each level

- You have to use all the characters to complete the anagram


- HINT SUGGESTION: if you are in trouble and you don't know the answer to the anagram, ask for a hint: click on the bulb in the bottom right corner.

【免費解謎App】The Anagrammer-APP點子

BUT BE AWARE: the hints are limited!!!

For each level completed without the use of hints you will receive a new hint to use in the next level.

You can use multiple hints in the same level, BUT the hints will work only if the already typed part of the word is correct.



If you typed HEO than asking for a hint will not work, because the word is already wrong. (Solution : HELLO)


- CLEAN THE BOARD: if you think that the word you are composing is wrong, don't worry click on the board cleaner on the bottom right corner to reset immediately the board. But attention it has a cost, in fact you will lose some points.


**please do not post comments saying some words are not recognized, it's by design: there are very very few word with more than 1 solution, i'm working to clean them out of the dictionary

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