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Tube flies are exactly what they sound like.... They are tied up on a tube instead of a standard hook shank. Tubes are thicker than a conventional fly, an attribute most steelhead and salmon fishermen find desirable. Hook size and

style can be varied for whatever situation you are fishing. Single, double and even treble hooks (regulations permitting) are all possibilities. Since the hooks are not part of the fly there is no chance of the hook rusting before the fly has

【免費運動App】The Canadian Tube Fly Company-APP點子

seen its end. There are also more hook-ups with tubes. With the fly and the hook being separate, when you set that hook the leverage of having a long shanked fly is eliminated. Of course this helps you hold on to more fish after

hook-up as well.

Be sure to take a look at our extensive selection of tube tying materials. If you have been on other tube fly sites, you will quickly notice that we offer an exponentially bigger selection of tube styles. We now not only offer 15 different

styles of tubes, all in different sizes, weights, and finishes . Click here to see an introduction to most of our tube styles. We also have a growing selection of tube fly vise adapters, tube fly wing materials, tube fly plumage, cones, and tube fly hooks.

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