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Meant to be funny :P

This is a tip calculator that is based on the Seinfeld episode where George comes up with a new tipping system. For everything the waiter does right, he adds $1 to the tip. For everything they do wrong, he subtracts a dollar from the tip.

【免費工具App】The Costanza Tip Calculator-APP點子

You start out at the standard 15% rate. For everything good the waiter does you press the button and their tip percentage goes up .5%, if they do something wrong and you press the button then their tip percentage falls .5%

When you get the bill, enter in the amount and hit the calculate button. The app will show you the total tip amount as well as the total for the bill including the tip.

The high rate or ceiling is currently set to 30% meaning you will not be able to calculate anything more than a 30% tip (you're crazy if you want to leave more) and the low rate or floor is 0% which means they did so bad they don't get a tip!

This was done in pure fun plus I'm still learning Android app development and in my travels I have come across so many Tip Calculator examples in tutorials so I wanted to do something a bit different

【免費工具App】The Costanza Tip Calculator-APP點子

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【免費工具App】The Costanza Tip Calculator-APP點子

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