The Diplomat Golf Tennis Club

【免費運動App】The Diplomat Golf Tennis Club-APP點子

Do you enjoy playing golf at The Diplomat Golf & Tennis Club? The OFFICIAL Diplomat Golf & Tennis Club app gives golfers a free, easy to use, interactive combination of comprehensive course information, GPS positioning, digital scorecard, and various other useful club-specific features.


- View distances to the tee, front, back, and middle of the green, as well as par for each hole

- Interactive shot positioning: simply touch the shot target to move it and get instantly updated distances

- Full aerial zoom capability

- Pro Tips: take a tip from the pros on how to play the hole with our built-in Pro Tip feature


- Easy to use scorecard for up to four players

- Add players manually or from your device's address book

- Auto-populates par for each hole and allows you to simply add or subtract from par

- Track player side-bets using the Player Bets feature

【免費運動App】The Diplomat Golf Tennis Club-APP點子

- Email your full scorecard at the end of a round to yourself or to a friend to show off your skills


- Book tee times

- Access the club's Facebook page to check-in or drop a comment

- Access to the club's dining facilities and menus

- Real-time weather forecast

- Special offers

- Club contact information

- In-app access to the club's golf shop

- Car Finder: save the location of your vehicle in the app when you park, so you can easily navigate back to your vehicle

【免費運動App】The Diplomat Golf Tennis Club-APP點子

- In-app camera: capture those great moments on the course without having to switch apps

Download today and put the entire Diplomat Golf & Tennis Club in your pocket!

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【免費運動App】The Diplomat Golf Tennis Club-APP點子

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