The Dragon's Trail 1.1

【免費休閒App】The Dragon's Trail 1.1-APP點子

IMPORTANT: *If you have a previous version of the game, you should erase it and download this one, because older versions won't update. Sorry for the inconvenience*

In the land where the suns are born, there was a lil' bird whose wings where too small to fly... Luckily, that didn't prevent him from touching the skies, thanks to his friend, a feathered dragon named Quetzal.

【免費休閒App】The Dragon's Trail 1.1-APP點子

Touch the screen to control Quetzal, and avoid the lil' bird being burned by the suns while you eat all the candies you can. But don't worry about Quetzal... He's fireborn!

【免費休閒App】The Dragon's Trail 1.1-APP點子

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