The Dream Thief

【免費書籍App】The Dream Thief-APP點子

Story offering a wide range of escape and liberty in an environment for imagination.

【免費書籍App】The Dream Thief-APP點子

The main characters, timeless and universal, share values of friendship, and complicity.

【免費書籍App】The Dream Thief-APP點子

This tale, made of unique and original context, gives to the childhood an entire place in order to plunge into an enchanted, optimistic, and positive world.


Princess Lani and intrepid Artus live in the world of the Trendy Bears, high in the sky amidst the clouds. Terrible Zarcas, who is always cooking up dark schemes, also lives there. Deprived of dreaming because he is so mean, Zarcas decides to rob the children of their dreams. He sends his Sbires, redoubtable but undisciplined little black clouds, to the sleeping city. Lani, Artus and Hummingdroid—their robotic feathered friend—will need to battle the Sbires, but will they be able to thwart dreadful Zarcas’ plans?


-english and french narration

【免費書籍App】The Dream Thief-APP點子

-Delicate sound environment

【免費書籍App】The Dream Thief-APP點子

-Sub title

【免費書籍App】The Dream Thief-APP點子

-Simple interactions to support the story

【免費書籍App】The Dream Thief-APP點子

-Animations enhancing illustrations

【免費書籍App】The Dream Thief-APP點子

-Personalisation of reading : music, narration, sub title

-Simple and intuitive menu

The Adventures of the Trendy bears offer many occasions to children, adults, parents and grand parents to share intimate moments of well-being.

Discover all characters and their marvellous worlds

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