The Drinks App

【免費生活App】The Drinks App-APP點子

Helps you order drinks at bars, pubs and clubs easier.

This app allows you to choose your drinks from a preselected list of drinks. Instead of typing the name of drink into your device notes app. We have selected the most common drinks supplied in bars and clubs for you to choose from. Use your device to simply select drink type, drink, extras and your glass size. A quick summary to show what you and your friends want to order. Either display your phone to your bartender or read out your drink order from your app summary.

【免費生活App】The Drinks App-APP點子

If you are in a large group thedrinksapp makes it so easy to remember what to order for each person. Keep tabs on the drinks round bought and how much you paid. Customize the name of that drink round to help you never to forget your friend’s favourite drink.

Bartenders and Waiters can use this make note of their drink orders for their customers. Select the drink of your customer from the preselected list of drinks. Record the details of the device on customers round of orders. Keeps tabs of the amount each round cost.

The app you shouldn’t leave without when you go out in the night on the town or the bartenders shouldn’t have to start your shift without.

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