The Electrical Circuit

【免費教育App】The Electrical Circuit-APP點子

Let's find out toghether what is an electrical circuit !

We are going to learn about series circuits, parallel circuits and which are the symbols of the main elements of a circuit.

We even learn how to build on our own an electrical circuit, starting from a list of materials.

Other information you will learn in this program: what izolators are, what conductors are, why don't birds get electrocuted when they sit on powerlines.

We are going to learn about conductors and how the current flows through a circuit.

Elements of a simple electrical circuit:

【免費教育App】The Electrical Circuit-APP點子

- battery

- light

- switcher

- conductor

What “series circuit” means? What “parallel circuit” means? Which are the differences between the two ones?

Different types of parallel circuits. How to make and how not to make a parallel circuit. attention: don't make a short-circuit.

【免費教育App】The Electrical Circuit-APP點子


We are going to find the answer to all this in an attractive and entertaining way.

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Features: ***

Educational content

Funny and entertaining

【免費教育App】The Electrical Circuit-APP點子

The developer of this application is very well known for the interactive educational software desigend for children with ages between 3 and 11 years and also for other applications developed for iPhone and Android.

This game is reccomended for children with ages between 6 and 11 years.

【免費教育App】The Electrical Circuit-APP點子

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