The European CEO Conference

【免費商業App】The European CEO Conference-APP點子

The European CEO Conference is run by Association for Consultancy and Engineering, to provide a European forum for discussion and debate between CEO's in the consultancy and engineering industry.

This official application provides:

• The agenda for the event

• Information on partners of the event

• Information on sponsors of the event

• A map of the venues location

• Access to ACE's twitter feed throughout the event

• Session summaries

• Photos from the event

【免費商業App】The European CEO Conference-APP點子

• Videos from ACE

• Allows users to share their own videos and pictures

• Allows participants to provide feedback

• Give contact details

The event has been attended by various countries across Europe, including UK, Denmark, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, The Republic of Ireland, Norway, France, Austria, Spain and

Sweden. Attendance has, however, spread further with attendees coming from the USA, Australia,

China and Nigeria.

The conference provides:

• Debate between CEOs in the consultancy and engineering industry

• An opportunity to discuss the results of the benchmarking analysis

• Discussion on the impact of the economic and political climate

【免費商業App】The European CEO Conference-APP點子

• Strategic advice, to help develop your corporate vision, mission and business strategy

【免費商業App】The European CEO Conference-APP點子

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