The Forecast

【免費個人化App】The Forecast-APP點子

THE FORECAST is a beautiful colour driven weather app.

Using colour to display weather type, THE FORECAST is a uniquely simple weather app. Providing daily along with 5 day forecast for locations worldwide across 3 stunning screens, the weather never looked this gorgeous.

【免費個人化App】The Forecast-APP點子


. 24 hour daily forecast

. 5 Day forecast

【免費個人化App】The Forecast-APP點子

. Colour driven weather display providing clean, direct and simple overview

. Forecasts the weather 1 hour ahead

. Time, temperature, wind speed, weather icon and type information

. All live tiles sizes (small, medium, wide) supported

【免費個人化App】The Forecast-APP點子

. Lock screen support for default location

. List multiple locations

. View daily and 5 day forecasts for any location

. Pin any location to start

【免費個人化App】The Forecast-APP點子

. Settings control for weather and time display

[ Time based trail ]

【免費個人化App】The Forecast-APP點子

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