The Meridian Lite

【免費醫療App】The Meridian Lite-APP點子

The Meridian is a revolutionary high quality full 3D App for anyone interested in the oriental medicine, meridian, and acupuncture. You can experience a 'real human like' 3D model and awesome explanation of acupuncture points made by oriental clinic medical doctors and professors.

“Accuracy and Easiness “

The Meridian uses a 3D human body model for Oriental Medicine. Because multiple oriental medical doctors and professors have been involved through the development, The Meridian can offer you not only a beautiful anatomy but also a great support for applying acupuncture and explain to your patients.

“Outstanding Design”

【免費醫療App】The Meridian Lite-APP點子

Each acupuncture points and meridians are shown different color formats so it is easily seen and understood.

“Interactive UI”

Multi-touch features make your work more intuitive, more accurately, and joyful.

【免費醫療App】The Meridian Lite-APP點子

Feel the ease of The Meridian while you are controlling the 3D human body model.

“High accuracy and rich contents”

The Meridian referred to the “WHO Standard Acupuncture Point Locations in the Western Pacific Region” and original text of “Ling-shu(Internal Classic of Yellow Emperor) or Miraculous Pivot”

【免費醫療App】The Meridian Lite-APP點子

Experience a new world with The Meridian’s high accuracy and rich contents.

“Qualified by Korea government”

The Meridian is qualified and supported by “Small and Medium Business Administration of KOREA”

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【免費醫療App】The Meridian Lite-APP點子

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