The Pipe Collector

【免費購物App】The Pipe Collector-APP點子

The Pipe Collector is an attempt to bring together different tools that a Pipe enthusiast would want in their pocket. Whether you’re buying your first pipe or you have so many it’s hard to keep track of, the Pipe Collector is pretty useful.

【免費購物App】The Pipe Collector-APP點子

Pipe Collectors Tools: in version 1.0

• There is a Geo Locator for all tobacco stores within a 75 mile area of you and your phone.

【免費購物App】The Pipe Collector-APP點子

• Names and pictures listed in alphabetical order for almost every tobacco pipe type known to mankind.

• A break down diagram of typical pipe parts and the part names.

【免費購物App】The Pipe Collector-APP點子

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【免費購物App】The Pipe Collector-APP點子

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【免費購物App】The Pipe Collector-APP點子

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