The Prankster

【免費娛樂App】The Prankster-APP點子


If you're a little brother who wants to tease his sister, or a father who wants to play with his children, or all just a troll who just wants to do his work, then this application is for you!

The Prankster is an IT project composed of a client application (on Android) and a server program (on Windows).

The client application (The Prankster) can send pranks to the server.

The server program (The Prankster Server) can run pranks received from the client.

The Prankster and The Prankster Server must be in the same Lan (wireless or cable), that is to say connected to the same modem.

*** PRANKS ***

【免費娛樂App】The Prankster-APP點子

-Destroy mode : mode that can destroy the screen (desktop) with various weapons (hammer, chain saw, machine gun, flame thrower, color thrower, phaser and washing).

-Bsod : simulates a blue screen of death.

-Matrix : simulates decryption matrix like in the movie.

-Melt : melts the screen.

-Parkinson : the foreground window is made of madness and trembling in every direction randomly.

-Gruyere : the foreground window filled hole randomly.

-Dos : launches a dos window that displays numbers back random infinite. This window is in the foreground. If the victim close the window while it restarts automatically.

【免費娛樂App】The Prankster-APP點子

-Dos bomb : launch infinity dos windows that display numbers back random infinite.

-Block mouse and keybord.

-Swap mouse button.

-Mouse speed : controls the speed of the mouse.

-Open cd player.

-Random beep : plays beep randomly.

-Sound volume : control the sound volume.

【免費娛樂App】The Prankster-APP點子

-Kill foreground window.

-Kill explorer : kill (close) Windows Explorer.

-Block facebook : block access to facebook website.

-Block twitter : block access to twitter website.

-Block youtube : block access to youtube website.

-Block dailymotion : block access to dailymotion website.

-Lock pc.

【免費娛樂App】The Prankster-APP點子

-Logoff pc.

-Reboot pc.

-Shutdown pc.

All pranks can be started and stopped (eg "Open cd player" opens and closes the CD player) with the exception of "Kill foreground window", "Lock pc", "Logoff pc", "Reboot pc" and "Shutdown pc".

*** UPDATED ***

Dozens of pranks in the expected minor updates in the coming weeks.

And if the application works well, that is to say, for example, it exceeds 20,000 downloads then updates will be important to include: keylogger, vision screen (like vnc), control keyboard and mouse (...).

【免費娛樂App】The Prankster-APP點子


-1 Download The_Prankster_Server_(ver)_Setup.exe from .

-2 Install The Prankster Server.

-3 Buy and Download The Prankster from googleplay.

-4 Enjoy !!!

Sorry for my bad english.

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【免費娛樂App】The Prankster-APP點子

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【免費娛樂App】The Prankster-APP點子

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