The Pregnancy Book

【免費健康App】The Pregnancy Book-APP點子

"The Pregnancy Book" - Week by week pregnancy description and much more.

Being pregnant and giving birth to your baby is really an amazing experience. It is nature’s miracle in which you undergo many physical as well as emotional changes. You can make this memorable period even more beautiful by understanding it completely.

We hope this application will serve you and your partner complete information at every step of your pregnancy journey and makes you prepared for the baby.

【免費健康App】The Pregnancy Book-APP點子

With this application you can:-

1. Track Your Pregnancy:

-> Select a date from this screen.

-> Live tile will show you the week number and gets updates with time.

2. Understand Your Pregnancy (Week by Week):

【免費健康App】The Pregnancy Book-APP點子

-> What changes are occurring with your body?

-> What is happening with your baby?

-> How big is your baby? (Weight and height)

-> Tips to make this week better.

-> Symptoms in this week.

-> Tips for Dad. (How can they help you?)

【免費健康App】The Pregnancy Book-APP點子

-> Appearance of your baby. (In image)

3. Post Delivery Issues:

-> Haemorrhage,

-> Depression,

-> Sex after delivery,

-> Weight loss

【免費健康App】The Pregnancy Book-APP點子

-> Diet.

4. Your Workplace Rights:

-> Your workplace rights related to pregnancy.

-> Different Leaves related to pregnancy.

5. Frequently asked Questions (around 60)

6. Stages of Labor:

【免費健康App】The Pregnancy Book-APP點子

-> The three phases of labor

-> What to expect and what to do.

7. Preparation for baby arrival:

-> Prepare for the things that your baby will need

-> To make you aware of the things like financial plan, Birth Certificate, Health Insurance requirements, Lactation consultant, Paediatrician etc.

8. First Meeting with Baby:

【免費健康App】The Pregnancy Book-APP點子

What to expect when you meet with your new born. How will his head, face, skin, eyes, hair look like. - Trail mode enabled

【免費健康App】The Pregnancy Book-APP點子

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