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建立最高的塔,在世界上达到了权力的一个水龙头游戏的天空 !击败你的朋友,解锁新的塔,发现所有的位置。高楼是惊人的塔楼建筑的多彩类型游戏适合所有年龄段。你曾经建造你自己的摩天大楼或甚至是你自己的城市吗?现在你有机会,创造极其重要的一,在这场精彩的比赛,只贴在您的设备的屏幕上。这是伟大的机会,成为一个虚拟的建设者 !开发你的反应能力和专注,是最好的。在建设中更多的块使用你得到更多的积分。记录你最高的分数 !然而,塔块不是那么容易它似乎。块摆动所有的时间和建筑的摇摆度从一边到另一边。显示你的专注 ;您需要有非凡的灵活性和耐心去在此任务中取得成功。高楼是令人兴奋的游戏,培养这些技能 !下载此建筑游戏,现在就开始你的火车吧 !试试吧 !如何到播放: 只需点击屏幕,并创建您独特的摩天大楼。在正确的时间确切地在平台上放下摆动的构建基块。拼图块: 堆放高达你可以,但要小心这个应用程序是 Ketchapp 或涵义媒体无关。

Build the tallest tower in the world to reach the sky with a power of one-tap gameplay!

Beat your friends, unlock new towers, discover all locations.

【免費休閒App】The Tower-APP點子

Tower Blocks is amazing and colorful type of tower building games for all ages. Have you ever built your own skyscraper or even your own city? Now you have an opportunity to create incredibly big one in this wonderful game just taping on screen of your device.

It’s great chance to become a virtual builder! Develop your reaction skills and attentiveness and be the best. The more blocks in construction are used the more points you get. Record your highest score! However, Tower Blocks is not so easy that it seems. Blocks swing all time and a building sways from side to side. Show all your attentiveness; you need to have an excellent agility and patience to succeed in this task. Tower Blocks is exciting game for training these skills! Download this building game and start your train right now! Let’s try!

HOW TO PLAY: Just tap the screen and create your unique skyscraper. Put down the swinging building blocks at the right time exactly on the platform. Solve the block puzzle: pile up them as high as you can but be careful

This app is not related to Ketchapp or Academ Media.

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