The Walking Dead Clock

【免費娛樂App】The Walking Dead Clock-APP點子

Analog clock of Rick and The Governor from The Walking Dead.

How to Add Widgets to Your Home Screen

1. Go to the home screen of the Android device (Press the “Home” key).

2. Make sure that there is enough free space on your home screen for the new widget.

3. Choose an empty space for your widget. Tap the space and hold your finger there (long press) until the menu appears. Alternatively, you can press the “Menu” button and then press the “Add” button that should now be available on the screen.

4. Both methods should have resulted in a pop-up menu-window labeled “Add to Home screen”. Tap the menu item labeled “Widgets”.

5. Navigate through the list of installed widgets and select the one you want to place on the home screen. You can scroll through the widgets if the list is too large to fit on the screen in its entirety.

6. Click on the selected widget and you will add it to your home screen.

7. Press the “Home” key. The new widget should appear on the home screen (or wallpaper).

8. To relocate the widget, tap it and hold your finger down. Now you should be able to drag it to the location on the screen that you want.

When you decide you no longer need a widget, to free space or because you are done using it, removing it is even simpler.

1. Tap the widget you want to remove and hold your finger down. The trashcan icon should appear on the Applications Menu (or “slider”) at the bottom of the screen.

2. Drag the widget to the trash can until both the widget and the trash can turn red.

3. Release your finger and you will drop the widget into the trashcan and remove it from the home screen. Note that this does not actually delete or uninstall the widget. It will be available to you in the list of widgets should you decide you need it again.


【免費娛樂App】The Walking Dead Clock-APP點子

**Yes, there is a bug that causes users to be unable to view the clock in the menu on certain phones or forces close. I'll fix it at some point. It's a free app, so if it happens to not work on your phone in the meantime, no real loss.

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