The Widow of Dartmoor

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The Widow of Dartmoor is a sequel to The Hound of the Baskervilles. Beryl Stapleton felt joy, on learning that Jack, her husband, was sucked into the Grimpen Mire. Free of his evil, she opened a fashionable dress shop in London. Her enterprise was a success... until she was caught, at two AM dragging the body of a murdered man into an alleyway. Who better to defend her than The Bastard, the nephew of Sherlock Holmes? Jeremy Holmes was the illegitimate son of Sherlock's oldest brother. With astonishing skill, Jeremy would peel the mask off a false witness and find the truth. But his talent was not the product of reason. Rather, his art. Often, when he drew a likeness, his drawing would reveal the passions and the secrets of one's soul.

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【免費書籍App】The Widow of Dartmoor-APP點子

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- Scroll up/down

- Opens up where you left off reading

- Portrait and Landscape mode

- Variable font size

- Table of Contents for easy navigation between chapters

- Bookmarks to remember marked sections

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