The Witch’s Apprentice

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** Have you ever dreamed of becoming a witch? Well, what are you waiting for? **

In “The Witch’s Apprentice,” learn the essentials, like how to use a magical wand and fly on a straw broom!

If you think that all witches are evil, old ladies flying on broomsticks, then you should read this story.

In “The Witch’s Apprentice,” see how a little girl decides to make her dream a reality and finally become a WITCH!

【免費書籍App】The Witch’s Apprentice-APP點子

A haunted house where she can cast spells, a magic wand that can dress her at the flick of a wrist, and a cauldron full of incredible potions… and so much more.

The Witch’s Apprentice is a story that all kids will love to read.

Its pages are filled with interactive mysteries just waiting to be discovered.

This story is ideal for even the youngest of children, as it promotes and enhances imagination through sound effects, witty illustrations, and rhyming text.

Perfect for children aged 3 years and up.

【免費書籍App】The Witch’s Apprentice-APP點子

Additional features:

•Interactive surprises guaranteed!

•15 pages of colorful graphics

•Text Narration

•Exciting sound effects!

•Original music

•“Read by myself” or “Read to me” options

【免費書籍App】The Witch’s Apprentice-APP點子

•For ages 3+

【免費書籍App】The Witch’s Apprentice-APP點子

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