Theme Experiance RedAjo

【免費個人化App】Theme Experiance RedAjo-APP點子

This theme is for freedom and xperia devices. Designed for simplicity and elegance literally. Our project has been adapted for free in full swing. We have published in all the themes later time, we will update frequently. Our goal is to fully simplicity. We work every day for a more natural and simple themes will continue avoiding mixed interface. All valuable feedback from our customers is very valuable to us.

Theme features:

Plain wallpapers

【免費個人化App】Theme Experiance RedAjo-APP點子

Simple lock screen wallpaper

【免費個人化App】Theme Experiance RedAjo-APP點子

Customized Navigation Keys

【免費個人化App】Theme Experiance RedAjo-APP點子

Personalized Colors

【免費個人化App】Theme Experiance RedAjo-APP點子

Xperia home changes

【免費個人化App】Theme Experiance RedAjo-APP點子

Plain background

Up to 270 graphical assets

The graphics used are high-resolution.

This theme is for Xperia phones. (Xperia Z, Xperia Z1, Z2 Xperia T2, M2, ZR, ZL, Z3 and Z1 Compact, Z3 Compact Xperia Tablet)

Don't need ROOT

We ask that you all support.

Thank you. FN PROJECT

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