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TheraBand is breaking new ground with its latex free, patent pending CLX - Consecutive Loops. Never before has resistance training been so versatile, so simple and so inspiring and with this CLX App, your CLX routine will be with you anytime you need it.

The TheraBand CLX with Easy Grip Loops™ provides multiple unique grip options that enable exercises like open and closed hand grips, holding objects with resistance, no-grip-required exercises and never before possible exercises such as simultaneous upper and lower body work. The TheraBand CLX delivers unparalleled versatility and ease of use that may increase exercise compliance to improve patient outcomes.

The FREE TheraBand CLX App provides a CLX exclusive exercise library featuring unique support tools to enhance any rehab or training program.


This app makes getting your home exercise routine completed in less time. Our CLX App features a CLX exclusive exercise database that demonstrates a range of simple rehab exercises to complex performance training exercises. The database includes images of the exercises with detailed instructions or you can simply watch the video with integrated cues.

Searching for an exercise is simple with our keyword search function or search by body part or muscle.

Not sure what the resistance level is on your CLX. Our trusted TheraBand progression chart can show you what resistance level you are on while looking at any exercise.

User care and safety instruction as well as practical exercise tips are included.

Proper use section shows the multiple grip and anchoring options in detail to help guide you through the versatility of the TheraBand CLX.

Let TheraBand CLX show you how simple, versatile and inspiring resistance training can be!

【免費健康App】TheraBand CLX-APP點子

【免費健康App】TheraBand CLX-APP點子

【免費健康App】TheraBand CLX-APP點子

【免費健康App】TheraBand CLX-APP點子

【免費健康App】TheraBand CLX-APP點子

【免費健康App】TheraBand CLX-APP點子

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