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Want to challenge your brain with a new kind of puzzle which will exercise your memory, logic and spatial thinking?

Then try "Think Blocks", where the objective is to slide the blocks back into their original grid order in the correct number of moves.

The blocks move as complete rows or columns, so in order to solve each puzzle you need to figure out which row or column to move, and when.

The puzzles start out easy, with a 2x2 grid and 3 or 4 moves, and progress to a 7x7 grid with 8,9 or 10 moves as your skill level increases from Novice through Master and then beyond to Genius!

If you need the occasional helping hand then a "Tip" button will give you as much help as you want.

There are hundreds of puzzles to be solved, as well as four "Speed Mode" challenges to keep your brain active for hours on end.

The full version of the game has twice as many "Expert" and "Master" puzzles and unlocks the tips for those levels. It also does not show adverts.

【免費解謎App】Think Blocks Free-APP點子

【免費解謎App】Think Blocks Free-APP點子

【免費解謎App】Think Blocks Free-APP點子

【免費解謎App】Think Blocks Free-APP點子

【免費解謎App】Think Blocks Free-APP點子

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