Tile Swap Nature Imagery

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Tile Swap (Nature/Weather) is an image scramble game with the backdrop of breathtaking imagery of nature and weather.

This is a popular type of puzzle game, in which an image is broken into rectangles on a grid and reshuffled.

Players must click on these "pieces" to interchange their position and, ultimately, restore the original image.

There are four levels of difficulty. Beginner (3 X 4), Medium (4 X 5), Hard (5 X 7), and Expert (6 X 8).

This app was developed with adobe flash. A free download of adobe air is required.

Android Requirement for Adobe Air

1. Android™ 2.3 and above

2. ARMv7 processor with vector FPU, minimum 550MHz, OpenGL ES 2.0, H.264 and AAC HW decoders

3. 256MB of RAM

This game is packed with 100 pictures including....

01 Alatna River Alaska

02 Arizona

03 Arno River Bridge

【免費休閒App】Tile Swap Nature Imagery-APP點子

04 Ash Maple Leaves

05 Aspen Forest Colorado

06 Aspen Grove Oregon

07 Aspen Leaf

08 Aurora Borealis Sweden

09 Aurora House Iceland

10 Aurora Iceland

11 Australian Sundew

12 Autumn Landscape Colorful Leaves

13 Autumn Vista Adirondacks

【免費休閒App】Tile Swap Nature Imagery-APP點子

14 Badwater Basin California

15 Bamboo Forest Japan

16 Bamboo Trees Japan

17 Baobab Trees Madagascar

18 Bee Eater

19 Birchbark Canoe Allagash River Maine

20 Blenny Coral Red Sea

21 Blurred Trees

22 Boatman Philippines

23 Bumblebee Flowers

【免費休閒App】Tile Swap Nature Imagery-APP點子

24 Butterfly Branch

25 Butterfly

26 Cabbage Coral

27 Catamount Adirondacks

28 Cavern Explorer Tennessee

29 Coral Reef

30 Cortes Bank

31 Desert Rose

32 Dragonfly Branch Rain

33 El Capitan Reflection

【免費休閒App】Tile Swap Nature Imagery-APP點子

34 Eyjafjallajokull Volcano Lightning Iceland

35 Godafoss Aurora Iceland

36 Grand Canyon Rainbow

37 Grasshopper Forest

38 Grassland South Dakota

39 Hallstatt Austria Dusk

40 Hanging Laundry

41 Hiker Joshua Tree National Park

42 Hikers Glacier Bay

43 Hills Palouse Washington

【免費休閒App】Tile Swap Nature Imagery-APP點子

44 Icebreaker Antarctic

45 Iron Hoop Cave

46 Japanese Maple Portland

47 Jellyfish Swarm

48 Kemeri National Park Latvia

49 Lake Of The Moon India

50 Lake Ohrid Dock

51 Lassen Volcanic National Park

52 Lencois Maranhenses National Park Brazil

53 Lightning Arizona

【免費休閒App】Tile Swap Nature Imagery-APP點子

54 Lily Pads Lake

55 Litlanesfoss Waterfall Iceland

56 Lizard Park Cuba

57 Lotus Leaf Japan

58 Mangroves Diver

59 Methane Bubbles

60 Middleton Place

61 Monk Shaolin

62 Moonrise Trees Colorado

63 Mount Merapi

【免費休閒App】Tile Swap Nature Imagery-APP點子

64 Northern Spotted Owl

65 Nyiragongo Volcano Expedition

66 Oak Tree Sweden

67 Olympic National Park Hiker

68 Oxpecker Giraffe

69 Penguins Icebeg Antarctica

70 Peru Sacred Valley

71 Petrified Dunes

72 Petrohue Falls

73 Pine Cone Ice

【免費休閒App】Tile Swap Nature Imagery-APP點子

74 Poppy Field Geneva

75 Porcupine Mountains

76 Quiver Trees

77 Red Flower Friendswood Texas

78 Reed Frog Botswana

79 Sandhill Cranes Nebraska

80 Santa Monica Shore

81 Sea Stacks

82 Snow Trees Alaska

83 Spruce Trees Moss Alaska

【免費休閒App】Tile Swap Nature Imagery-APP點子

84 Stream Reflection South Africa

85 Sunrise Badlands Park

86 Sunset Pier Florida

87 Surfer Maui Hawaii

88 Swans Vltava River

89 Tasermiut Fjord Greenland

90 Thermal Pool Yellowstone

91 Toad River Brown

92 Trees Snow Forest

93 Tulips Geraniums

【免費休閒App】Tile Swap Nature Imagery-APP點子

94 Tundra Trek Svalbard Expeditions

95 Valley Fog

96 Viburnum Leaf

97 White Pocket

98 Xkeken Cenote

99 Zebra River Serengeti

100 Zion National Park Canyon

【免費休閒App】Tile Swap Nature Imagery-APP點子

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