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Report time and place easily in your mobile, your tablet or on your computer.All who work outside the office knows how tricky it can be to report their working time. It is easy to forget to report, and even harder to remember where you were and when.With a user-friendly app and an administration with many functions TimeOrganizer simplifies everyday life for both users and administrators.For the user:Easily accessibleRegister time with only a few clicksGet a reminder if you forget to report your timeGPS positioning at the start and end of the registrationAccess to a comprehensive time tracking system also on the WebNo unnecessary paperwork - reports are sent directly to the administratorFor the Administrator:Easily accessibleSmart map view - GPS positioning gives you a quick overview of your employeesAdd new companies and projects to your employees directly from the phone or webFull control of all time - you do need to nag about getting in timesheetsSimplifies payroll processing - access to various reports and documentsTo get access to TimeOrganizer you need to create a test account on timeorganizer.se

【免費商業App】TimeOrganizer™ Time reporting-APP點子

【免費商業App】TimeOrganizer™ Time reporting-APP點子

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