TimedCall - automatic SMS

【免費通訊App】TimedCall - automatic SMS-APP點子

You have to send the same SMS in repeating intervals? Or perhaps call a control system so that it performs an action?

With "TimedCall" this time-consuming task is part of history! Just create a task to send a SMS or call someone and let "TimedCall" do the work.

TimedCall uses your settings to call your selected number automatically, or send an SMS with an individual message.


【免費通訊App】TimedCall - automatic SMS-APP點子

* create Tasks for calling someone

* create Tasks for sending SMS with any text

* choose number from contacts

* execute these tasks at any time

【免費通訊App】TimedCall - automatic SMS-APP點子

I want to provide an error-free software. Nevertheless, errors can occur. Please report bugs or feature request, so I can implement them! Either directly write me an email or write a message on Google Groups. (https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/android-app-timedcall)

Required permissions:

* CALL_PHONE -> directly call the selected number

* INTERNET -> there are few advertisements

* READ_CONTACTS -> you can choose a number from a contact

【免費通訊App】TimedCall - automatic SMS-APP點子

* RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED -> restart TimedCall after the Smartphone rebooted

* SEND_SMS -> send a SMS directly

【免費通訊App】TimedCall - automatic SMS-APP點子

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免費玩TimedCall - automatic SMS App

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