Tiny Led Torch

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Tiny Led Torch Free flashlight app for your device! Incredibly simple and very useful. You will use your device's camera led/ flash / screen as a torch.

Tiny Led Torch Flashlight instantly turns your device into a bright flashlight.

Tiny Led Torch is the best tablet flashlight out of Available lights.

Tiny Led Torch is the best flashlight app when you need reliability and functionality.

Tiny Led Torch is simple, the most elegant and functional led flashlight app ever.

Tiny Led Torch provides light when you need it and where you need it. Never be caught in the dark without a light again.

Caution: Strobe light can cause epileptic seizures in some people with history of epilepsy. Do not point to the face when the flash light is in strobe mode.

【免費工具App】Tiny Led Torch-APP點子

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