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"Perfect for the mom on-the-go, the Tip Junkie App is easy to use, free with no strings attached, and provides all the eye candy we've all come to expect from Tip Junkie." Tiffany from SITSgirls.com

The official app of TipJunkie.com. Features the most creative tutorials on how to make homemade gifts, home décor, parties, holiday crafts, yummy recipes, free printables, and more!

Tip Junkie Elite is powered by the most creative women on the internet. It's a free and easy way to stay up to date on the newest crafting tutorials and tips.

Key Features:

** Enjoy the latest news from ALL of the Tip Junkie sites.

** Broadcast your favorites to Facebook, Twitter and even e-mail to yourself or friends.

** Watch YouTube videos from Laurie.

【免費生活App】Tip Junkie-APP點子

** Browse the newest Giveaways from the Tip Junkie Directory.

** Support Mom Made Businesses with easy access to the Mom-preneur Shops.

** Submit a Tip to be featured.

【免費生活App】Tip Junkie-APP點子

** Stay connected in the Tip Junkie Community {forums}.

【免費生活App】Tip Junkie-APP點子

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