Toilet Paper Delivery

【免費購物App】Toilet Paper Delivery-APP點子

Have you ever had toilet paper trouble?

Leave it to no chance, download this app to recieve toilet paper to your location within minutes. How?

When you're stuck in the toilet and ran out of paper, take out your app and create a need of toilet paper in your location. Then the app automatically sends notifications to people nearby, and watch as the closest person grab a roll and run to your rescue.

We can say this app is Uber for emergency toilet paper delivery.

This app is not a game, not a music player, nor a schedular or a dating app. It is an emergency app, and besure to use it only when you're in an emergency.

Amazon takes 3 days to deliver a toilet paper,

【免費購物App】Toilet Paper Delivery-APP點子

Local delivery services takes 30mins to 6hrs to deliver a toilet paper.

When all you need is just a little piece of it why wait 30mins in a bathroom or a toilet booth?

Order one from this app and recieve it right away!

It will be in your hands before you even finish your business, so this is one of those apps that has got to be on your phone as a saviour for your most important duty.

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