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Introducing a new way to order from your favorite West Pittston Pizzeria.The Tomato Heads Pizzeria app has many features to make ordering easier from innovative menu more easier.. No longer do you have to call our restaurant to ask for descriptions or daily deals. Our menu is published online with many of the items including photos. Just look at a sample of the features below and you’ll see why the Tomato Heads Pizzeria IPhone/IPAD app is the perfect way to find your Favorites! FEATURES: •Browse our entire menu •Daily published deals and special "online only" menu items •Orders are automatically saved to your account for easy review. •Checking out is easy simple. •Store hours •Built in maps to get you quickly to our establishment. •View important dates and upcoming events HELPFUL ADVICE: •Ordering functionality is for U.S. residents only. •Have questions or comments about this app? Contact us at:

【免費生活App】Tomato Heads Pizzeria-APP點子

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