Toowoomba Transport Trail

【免費教育App】Toowoomba Transport Trail-APP點子

Be taken on a fascinating journey into the history of transport of the Toowoomba region. Experience the diversity and richness of the region’s transport heritage. Through the app’s wonderful array of historic and contemporary images and the accompanying narration, you will discover the importance of indigenous walking tracks; the diversity of horse drawn vehicles; the power and beauty of the steam train; the ingenuity of the early electric cars; the robustness of the Boomerang fighter plane; and the sheer brute force of the Mac truck. The Cultural Heritage Network – Toowoomba Region welcomes visitors to follow the trail and discover eight diverse cultural heritage collections containing a wide range of transport stories, objects and artworks.

This app project was supported by the Australian Government through a “Your Community Heritage” grant.

【免費教育App】Toowoomba Transport Trail-APP點子

【免費教育App】Toowoomba Transport Trail-APP點子

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