Top Gunner 3D

【免費模擬App】Top Gunner 3D-APP點子

If you're a fan of the top 5th generation military aircrafts, try Top Gunner 3D! Intense military action on a top modern stealth fighter against armored invincible helicopters.

Play war in the sky over the sea operation and show your best combat strategy skills. More action, speed and explosions!

【免費模擬App】Top Gunner 3D-APP點子

How to play: Bomb enemy helicopters before they attack you.

***Features of Top Gunner 3D:

【免費模擬App】Top Gunner 3D-APP點子

- 5th generation aircrafts

- Flight maneuver options

【免費模擬App】Top Gunner 3D-APP點子

- Explosions

- From above overview

【免費模擬App】Top Gunner 3D-APP點子

Feel the full power of military aircraft in Top Gunner 3D! Become a sky ace!

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