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Exciting way to shop, Live Auctions 24/7!

Tophatter turns your phone or tablet into a live auction house so that you can seamlessly bid and purchase items anywhere, anytime. Every day, buyers and sellers from around the world gather for live auctions that are fast and fun, featuring fabulous items at fantastic prices. Shopping for great deals has never been this much fun!

【免費購物App】Tophatter - Shopping & Deals-APP點子

Attend live auctions on the go.

From jewelry to fashion to electronics, you can experience the thrill of a live auction with items sold to the highest bidder.

【免費購物App】Tophatter - Shopping & Deals-APP點子

Discover items and set reminders.

Browse dozens of unique and interesting items from sellers. Set reminders to be notified when it’s time to be auctioned so that you don’t miss out!

【免費購物App】Tophatter - Shopping & Deals-APP點子

Chat with other users in a dynamic environment.

Chat in real-time with other users while in Auction rooms or directly with the seller to ask questions. Have fun!

【免費購物App】Tophatter - Shopping & Deals-APP點子

Bid & win.

Going once, twice, sold! Bid from anywhere, anytime on your Android device. When you win by being the highest bidder, conveniently pay the seller directly through the app.

【免費購物App】Tophatter - Shopping & Deals-APP點子

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